Secretly a lifelong student, never to be boxed in, and currently struggling to even write this bio:) She searches for the treasures in life, the ones that come from within us, and when those truths are found, wholeheartedly believes it is in humanity’s best interest to share the light. Like many of us experience, we can lose the very core of our essence, often brought forward through trauma or overwhelm, further causing us to close off and shut down where we lose our truth. She will show you how to take back your power and design the life you choose.

Diving deeper, exploring every limb, and unlearning who the world falsely tells us to be, is how she knew it was time to present this gift to others. As the world’s landscape has shifted, she saw people living from a place of fear, and desired to hold a safe space to rebuild our foundation to rise stronger with Thrive Tribe.

She holds a 500 RYT drawn from the lineage of Kriya Yoga but guides students in various styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra, Restorative, often combining many elements. Get ready for a dynamic practice. She teaches yoga to all ages in her community, studios, and created a Yoga and Mindfullnes Club in her childrens local elementary school. Making yoga accessible, fun, challenging, and soul nourishing is her expertise.

Crystal is an adventurer at heart, with a deep connection to earth’s flora and fauna, and a thirst for travel. Guided by her inner light, the journey next took her to become a Reiki Master using energy work to heal others and animals too. She looks forward to building deeper intrapersonal relationships, healing, breaking through fear, and guiding you back to your center.


Leoni was born in Brazil but lived and traveled to several countries. Her first yoga training was held in Brazil where she felt safe and embraced in the yoga community and fell in love with the practice. She continued her journey and training in different countries and yoga styles such as integral Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Power yoga.

Yoga and the Yoga community were extremely important during difficult and challenging times in her life and this was her inspiration to share her message, to empower others.

Traveling and learning, experimenting with other cultures were always her biggest passion. Having visited more than 28 countries, she understands the impact of seeing places, meeting people, and being open to new experiences.

Her purpose is to encourage people to live, to look inwards through yoga, movement, meditation and to look at the beautiful world through travel. Safely with a supportive community, with ThriveTribe.